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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mid-week updates-

Well- a couple updates are due on daily life from around the stately WE World Headquarters. First, the BSU hasn't yet left for Oregon. It seems that the entire Catholic priesthood of Portland ditches their vestments exactly 5 minutes after the last Easter Sunday service and escapes with their golf clubs to points out-of-town for a week's R&R. So the memorial service won't take place until Monday, next week. The spouse is now planning to depart on Friday and return Tuesday. In the mean time, she is just muddling through, waiting.

Next, I'm 1/2 way closer to being ready with the Suzuki. After fiddling about trying to make the vacuum operated fuel petcock function properly, last night I read on the GS Resources Forum that trying to fix a bad petcock using a rebuild kit (which I've done already) just doesn't work. The only solution is a replacement petcock- about 70 bucks worth of neccesary pieces that I now have to wait to arrive in the mail… Grr! I suppose while I wait I can have another try at making the fuel tank's paint shiny and smooth instead of dull and listless as it is right now. That means either wet sanding and buffing the clear coat or just buffing the clear coat- I'm not certain which, but both sound like a lot of trouble. I wasn't going to bother but now it appears I have some time while parts arrive.

I'm not missing any riding time this week so I'm not really grumbling as the weather has turned wet and cold. It was just 27 degrees on my way to work today! Yesterday it snowed and sleeted just a little bit, though nothing like what has been happening from Michigan to the east coast. I talked to Mom on Easter, there was 2" of fresh snow in her yard on easter morning!

I am continuing to improve from my surgery, with less tiredness and soreness. I'm also back to regular practice with my guitar and I'm planning to return to class on Thursday afternoon. Reading music notes on a page and translating them into finger locations and actions at the requisite processing speed remains a challenge but I am getting better. I keep reminding myself that I'm actually learning 2 new skills, reading music and guitar playing, which makes me feel like my efforts are actually having a positive affect.

I still owe everyone a movie review from last weekend but that will have to wait until this afternoon. Now- repeated efforts to avoid unemployment!

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